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Golden SingleShot Pickleball Paddle

20 reviews
Golden SingleShot Pickleball Paddle - Golden Pickleball Paddles

Golden SingleShot Pickleball Paddle

20 reviews
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Golden SingleShot Pickleball Paddle

SingleShot Pickleball Paddle Specs:

  • Intermediate to advanced/pro pickleball player friendly
  • USAPA tournament approved
  • Gold colored edge guard built to last
  • Saddle-brown colored cushion grip that's also sweat-proof
  • Weight = ~ 7.9oz
  • Width = 7.5"
  • Length = 16.3" (with handle measuring at 5.3")
  • Composite polymer honeycomb core that's lightweight and durable
  • Surface = Composite + USAPA approved Texture for maximum spin

✔️USAPA Tournament Approved
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The Golden SingleShot Pickleball paddle is part of our PRO series and features an elongated design providing extreme reach while at the same time maximizing the sweet spot. Unlike most elongated paddles, the SingleShot also has a sizable handle length that allows for more power, versatility, and comfort.

The Golden SingleShot will have you driving balls down the court and winning points with just a "Single Shot" in many instances. It's time to experience the Golden Touch!

    What our customers have to say

    Loved by over 1,000 players

    I switched from my current “faithful” paddle to the Golden Classic and it was like giving up my scooter for a Harley! It took me a minute to get used to this thunderous paddle, but once I did, I realized that the Golden Classic Pickleball paddle is designed for anyone wanting to power-up their game.

    Dont see myself ever having to upgrade, this is it.

    Love this paddle, it’s lightweight and gives great spin control. I highly recommend it for any level player!

    Winning all my matches with these beauties!

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    I recommend this product

    This paddle is incredible! It came fast in the Mail despite other reviews saying otherwise. Also, coming from a classic shaped paddle, the enlongated shape did take some getting used to. But now that I’ve taken it out a couple times, I feel better than ever! I also threw on an overgrip to make the grip a little thicker to my liking. It helps with control in my opinion.

    Spencer S.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    A review from my opponent, the one without the Golden paddle.

    Dear Golden review readers, have a seat. Let me tell you a story of two highly competitive players in a singles match under the lights. A story told from my point of view: the opponent without a Golden paddle. ​ ​As I quickly approached the net after receiving the laser-focused serve coming from my opponent's new Golden paddle, one that he was using for the first time, I realized the ball had already passed me, hitting the left baseline corner as if it had come from a sniper's rifle. I never stood a chance of intercepting it at the net. That first point was then followed by an ace—a new experience for me as I have never been aced on a serve before. That ace was followed by another ace and more throughout the night. ​ ​At 0-3, I approached the net once again after my opponent's serve, giving him a deep center baseline return. I had positioned the return perfectly, forcing him back and gaining total control of the net. Wiithout hesitation, he put the ball in the far baseline corner of my forehand. I never even saw the ball fly past me. I've never seen a pickleball move at that speed or with that accuracy, as if Roger Federer decided to one day pick up the sport. I never had a chance. What was going on? ​ ​To save the reader more lengthy narrative, I'll just say that this pattern continued to repeat itself. Shot after shot, point after point, I watched my opponent's Golden paddle deliver targeted missiles to low-percentage baseline corner shots. It was as if he had some secret weapon, some type of tool that immediately made the game unfair for me. He went on to beat me 1-11, 1-11, 2-11, 6-11. A level of domination I have never experienced. Humbled, to say the least. ​ ​In my years of playing competitive sports, including pickleball, I have never witnessed a product or tool provide that type of immediate improvement or advantage to a player. Putting on a new pair of soccer cleats doesn't make you score goals. Weilding a new bat doesn't make you hit home runs. But it was as if this Golden paddle and what it allowed my opponent to do with the ball created an immediate unfair advantage. ​ ​As I type this review for a paddle I don't own and have only seen the other side of, I can still recall the devastation and heartache of the match. The pickleballs whizzing by me like bullets hitting their target over and over again. Trying to adjust for my new disadvantage but even those adjustments resulting unfruitful. ​ ​In my head now I strategize, recall my mistakes and replay shots. But in the end, after all of my strategic equations, I believe the only correct answer is for me to purchase a Golden paddle.

    Casey S.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Love it!

    I’ve used quite a few different paddles to find the right one for me and my search is over with my Golden Singleshot. I love everything about this paddle. Aesthetically it’s beautiful, the grip is super comfy, and the shape gives you great reach. It also feels more dense around the border of the paddle than others that I’ve tried which seems to limit those unpredictable little twists that send your ball flying to a spot you certainly did not mean to put. Will definitely be sticking with Golden.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Shipped and delivered quickly

    This paddle is thinner than the amped from Selkirk Lots of pop but face seems to provide lots of control Good overall paddle We are big Selkirk people but this is a nice paddle

    josh n.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Fantastic Paddle!

    I have been searching for a more classic looking paddle (color, leather handle, etc) and this is it! In addition to the aesthetics, the feel and performance are fantastic. It is very light and seems to deaden the ball so i can take a full swing when necessary without blasting the ball off the back of the court. Well worth the purchase.

    Jonathan M.
    United States United States
    USAPA Approved
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