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Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty - Golden Pickleball Paddles

Extended Warranty

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Want to make the most out of your purchase with us here at Golden? Extend your warranty!

If your paddle has anything wrong with it within the time frame you've chosen for your extended warranty, we will send you a new paddle with a max amount of (2) paddles per year within your warranty time period.

We ask that you ship back your existing paddle before we send the replacement so we can inspect any defect/issue.

What our customers have to say

Loved by over 1,000 players

I switched from my current “faithful” paddle to the Golden Classic and it was like giving up my scooter for a Harley! It took me a minute to get used to this thunderous paddle, but once I did, I realized that the Golden Classic Pickleball paddle is designed for anyone wanting to power-up their game.

Dont see myself ever having to upgrade, this is it.

Love this paddle, it’s lightweight and gives great spin control. I highly recommend it for any level player!

Winning all my matches with these beauties!

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