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Golden DEMO Program

How does the Golden Pickleball Demo Program work?

  1. Send an email to with "DEMO REQUEST" in the subject line and the following information in the email body:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. Paddle of interest (SingleShot, Classic, or Marble-Lite)
  2. Golden Pickleball will contact you within 24hrs.
  3. Play with them for up to a week.
  4. Send them back to us using the pre-paid shipping label provided.

How much does it cost?

The only cost you will incur is the USPS charge for shipping the demo paddles to you and back to Golden Pickleball. Within anywhere in the contiguous USA, the cost is a flat fee of $15 which includes shipping to your home and back to us. Demo paddles cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States. Only a valid credit card can be used to pay for the shipping fee.

How long does it take to get the demos & how long can someone keep them?

It takes 5-7 business days from the day we ship the demo paddles to reach you. You get to keep them for 1 week. If you receive them on 4/15 (Monday) then you have to ship them back to us by 4/22 (Monday) at the latest.

How to return the demos to Golden Pickleball?

We provide you with a pre-paid USPS return label in the box. To send the demos back simply place the return label over the demo box's existing label and then take it to any post office station in your hometown. You won't be charged any additional fees when you return the demos through the USPS with the pre-paid return label. Note: Be sure to ONLY use the provided demo USPS return shipping label for returning demos as this will guarantee insurance, tracking and proper return. Customers are responsible for providing a tracking number if returned by another shipping method.

What if the paddle is not returned?

We want as many people as possible to have a chance to demo our paddles so it's important that they are returned to us on time. If you ship them late, there is a late fee of $2.50 per day. If you're more than 7 days late and we are unable to reach you, we will charge your credit card for the full price of the paddle.

* The acknowledgment of receiving and demoing the paddle constitute a binding agreement that if paddle is not returned in a timely manner, Golden Pickleball LLC has the option of charging the credit card on file for the full purchase price of said paddle. Any damage deemed responsible by the participant may also incur charges of the full price.