Pickleball is our passion

Pickleball is unique. It's fun. It's fast. It's learnable. We were drawn to this sport for all of these reasons and more. Our products are created with this same passion and it doesn't go un-noticed. We hope you enjoy our products and follow our journey of spreading the love of Pickleball.

Our mission is to provide high-quality pickleball products that not only feel & perform good, but look good as well! Are you attracted to your paddle? We think it's time you should be. It's all about that chemistry on the courts. Great, good-looking paddles - it really is that simple! We also want to help grow this wonderful game and introduce it to as many people as possible. We LOVE our customers and would love to hear your feedback, new product ideas, or even just a simple hello. If you need to reach us, slide into our DMs or send an email to info@goldenpickleball.com


-Team GP


Email: info@goldenpickleball.com

Address: 821 Columbia Ln, Provo, Utah 84604