Golden Pickleball Ambassador Program

Wanna make some extra money?

Help promote and spread the word about GOLDEN with friends, family, followers and get 15% commission CASH (Paypal. Don't have one? Easily sign up for a free account by clicking HERE) on every sale! For example, with no hard effort, you can just keep your referral code in your social media profiles/bios or post about it!

We will provide you with a 15% off discount code to promote our shop as an affiliate. For EVERY sale associated with your code you earn 15% commission!

The way you promote is completely up to you! You could give your referring your code to friends and family or mention it on the pickleball courts!

All requests must be sent to with “Affiliate Request: (your username)” as the subject.

Please answer the following bullet points in your email:
1. Your name
2. What social media platform you will be promoting on
3. City
4. Link to your social media accounts.
5. The name of the discount code you would like to promote with!

• Frequent pickleball player
• Active audience + engagement with your followers.
• Approved member of the Golden Ambassador team (apply HERE if you haven't already)